Vice Rector de Internacionalización

As a result of the Institutional Reform of the National University of Agriculture, in 2017, with the creation of its new Statute, the Vice Rectory of Internationalization (VR-I) was created, which begins to operate from January 2019, as the responsible for the direction, planning, implementation, supervision and evaluation policies, programs and agreements of inter-institutional and international relations, in order to position, accredit and certify the university in international networks, through scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, contributing to the global formation of our human resources.

Internationalization is a complex process that is expressed at different levels and with different actors in the Higher Education scenario, offering opportunities for improving the quality of teaching and research, as well as for linking, articulating and strengthening of the institution..

This connectivity with the international university environment allows us to increase the presence of the intercultural dimension within our academic activities, and simultaneously  it implies the international projection of our capacities and in our graduates; allowing us to actively participate with the international community and cooperators through consortiums and international networks in order to improve the quality and the impact of the services we offer to society as a university as well as our competent graduates that support our community.

New and better opportunities are presented for our University through internationalization, we are not already in the anonymous side we were for a long time, but it is also true that many institutions and society themselves are more aware of us and what we can offer them, as an institution made to generate and develop areas of knowledge, which provide alternatives to the problems that we are experiencing in the agricultural sector of the region.


Vice Rector de Internacionalización (VR-I)

Ingeniero Agrónomo 

M.Sc. en Ciencias Agrarias

M.Sc. en Gerencia de Proyectos de Desarrollo

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